Monday, March 23, 2009

Cali Trip From Honor

This blog entry is "borrowed" from Honor, since we spent the whole weekend together and she wrote such a nice blog about our family bonding time already. She graciously copied it over to my blog too. Thanks Hon!

Another of Mother's dreams came true on February 25th. Britt was flying in from her Island Paradise for a conference and made it possible for Grant and me to come home as well so we could have the whole family together again. It's the first time in about 2 years (the last being Christmas of '06, but Cash Man wasn't even there yet).
Britt arrived at SFO a few hours before Grant and I arrived in Oakland. She scooped us up and we headed home.

As Britt bragged about on her blog, she had found a CRAZY sale on Target brand jeans out in the RMI ($1.50 / pair) and had bought a pair for each of us. These might be the only photos we ever have of Mom wearing REAL jeans. I was surprised that we got her to wear them in the first place, but it was so fun! My favorite quote from the evening was when she said, "It's like being squeezed to death WHILE feeling like your pants are falling off!" Never have I heard such an accurate description of the styles these days!

Britt spent as much time as she could playing with her nephews. I was excited to see how the cousins would do around each other - thinking that they'd be little pals, but that first day proved to be otherwise. I'm sure you can see it in both their faces in the picture above, but they sized each other up, realised that they'd be competing with each other for attention from the same group and promptly claimed ownership on anything they didn't really want to share. They eventually warmed up to each other as the days passed and one evening while at our parents house, I saw them together on the floor playing with a train. Grant was saying and signing "train" like he was trying to teach Cash. Cash just giggled and kept playing.

I wasn't quite sure how the 3 of us fit on the couch together, but as Britt later pointed out to me I was laying on top of her, taking up most of the room. Britt, that's the price you pay for precious sibling physical bonding! You know I'll squish you anytime, anywhere! That's how much I love ya!

The second night that we were in town, we got together for the first family dinner. Uncle Clay had quite a knack for distracting Grant who was in a bit of a bad mood. I'll love these pictures FOREVER!

After dinner our friend Nancy came over to snap a few family pictures. What you see here are photos Mom took with our cameras while we were posing for Nancy. I'll post her pictures as soon as they're available.

Grant got his fare share of spoiling from his Grandparents, Aunts and Uncle. This was his first experience with licking the brownie bowl, and I'm sure it won't be his last.

One of his favorite features at Gr'ma & Papa's house was the piano. Any chance he got, he was testing out just how much sound he could get out of it.

On Friday evening we stopped by Trader Joes and Britt found Grant a kiddie cart. I don't think Grant has EVER had that much fun shopping. He was a pretty good little cart handler, even if he wanted to run more than walk.

On Saturday evening we had the second and final family dinner. While I'm sure Mom was hoping for some sweet family dinner pictures, her children made sure that our true personalities shone through. Cammie posed for the pizza bite and I was trying to, but at the last minute, my food fell in my lap.

We all went to church together on Sunday before Britt, Grant and I headed back to the airport for our departure. As we were all in the bathroom changing into our traveling clothes, Mom managed to snap one last picture of her girls. Looking at that picture, I can't help but think, "We're sisters?! How did we all end up with such unique looks?!"
While it probably wasn't the most choice setting for a photo (with the pink and white bathroom tile that EVERYBODY knows from the Stake Center in the background) I love that usually the quirky memories are the most fun and often held the most dear.

What a WONDERFUL weekend it was!

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Honor said...

Thanks for letting me be a guest blogger! Now that I've been on the famous Britt Blog I'm sure my career will take off! ;)
Hope things are going well with you. Much love!